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PII is selling the Best and most efficacious 5 ppm Ionic Colloidal Silver Machine World Wide. An updated website is in the works. The CollGen2 is the finest design of the late inventor Fred Peschel. This machine will make 100's of gallons of stable verifiable ICS for literally under a dollar per gallon. Many of Fred's customers generate ICS for an extra income. We look forward to serving you. Call 208-232-0403 M-F 10:00 am - 6pm MST

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gardens * - Colloidal Silver and Plant Vitality The Neglected Application
* Latest Health and Longevity Study You can cure anything!
* Portable $45 water deionizer introduced Purify Water to 0.05PPM
* Make ultra pure water for pennies/gallon RO/Deionizer
* Silver Ion Transport in The Body The Real Facts of Life
* Frequently Asked Questions about colloidal silver Quick Answers!
* Immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory benefits of Cs researched!
* Ions, Atoms, Crystals or Salts? True Colloidal Silver Defined

colloidal silver uses colloidal silver water Amazing Colloidal Silver Facts! Making your own $1/Gallon!
An extensive discussion about colloidal silver generators, the real facts, amazing results against even Lupus and AIDS.
Free health information Real Health Stories.....
Amazing stories of colloidal silver health benefits gained! Natural antibiotic against virus and bacteria.
colloidal silver generator Cancer Can Be CURED!
Yes, for 20 years a painless Cancer cure has existed, just waiting for FDA approval!
chelation and colloidal silver dosage Oral Chelation Therapy
Easily reduce blood pressure, clean arteries of plaque and improve health, in a few weeks.

medical health benefits

back pain problem Treat Most Back Problems!
Simple techniques anyone able to sit or stand up can do to resolve most back and back related problems. It really works!
Faith healing Faith Healing
How to improve your own health with simple positive thinking. How I resolved fibrosis of the breast in two days!
colloidal silver facts Natural Foods Heal!
A few simple foods and water can do more for your health then many prescription medicines.
Acne cure Acne Can be Cleared Up
Rapid reduction of ugly acne is easy for both the young and Adults, in just minutes a day, with quality colloidal silver!

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pain treatment FREE water TESTING!
PII will test your colloidal silver and/or distilled water for FREE. You may be surprised what you have.
faith healing Enzymes and your health
You can not survive without enzymes! Short some important ones? Is your health compromised?

silver uses

Silver generators ALL ABOUT PII!
PII, and its principle Mr. Peschel have over 40 years experience to share. Read his background for designing colloidal silver generators.
faith healing Satisfied Customers
Colloidal Silver Distributors World Wide, using the PII generators and some satisfied user comments about colloidal silver and the generators.

Thanks, it's people like you that make this colloidal silver generators information site worthwhile. PII spends considerable time in researching new colloidal silver applications and improvements to our ionic silver generators. We intended to make the Worlds Best Colloidal Silver Generators and plan on keeping them the best! In order to be less commercial, we also research other easy at home treatments, with proven results, for you, our customers and friends!

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All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical

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